Finding the best online MBA program can be a challenge, because it is important to make sure that an education attained is a quality one. Not every program online is completely accredited or helpful. In fact, most online learning programs look even worse than a community college on a transcript or resume. The important part is finding a program that is not only accredited but difficult to attain or is connected to a the name of a reputable school or learning course, such as a nationally recognized university or a quality program that is suggested by the desired field in question.

Take, for example, Duke University. Duke offers an expensive, but reputable sixteen-month online MBA program that blends mostly internet based learning with six on-site sessions that take place in North Carolina. However, the tuition is over $125,000 USD and may not be the most advantageous program if a completely online education is desired for work or schedule reasons. It is ranked as high as sixth in the country in online accredited MBA programs by BusinessWeek and boasts thousands of students from over twenty-five different countries that have a fantastic personal success rate in the MBA field in the United States and abroad.

Manchester Business School in Manchester, UK, offers a fantastic program online for much less money. It is less than $40,000 USD per year, the MBA Career Guide Survey has listed it within the top fifteen best, and they combine online self-study with a few in person study sessions on one of any worldwide campuses, including one in the United States. Manchester boasts a student base from over 140 countries and a high success rate in the MBA field in nearly the countries of their choices. This is another program that looks great on a resume.

The University of Florida, which, as the name suggests, is in Florida, offers a program for just over $45,000 USD per year tuition, and has been ranked very high. The Economist ranked it the single best online MBA program, and it was also ranked #53 by U.S. News & World Report, #9 by The Wall Street Journal, and #2 by Financial Times in the MBA field. Online MBA education comes in two options: the two year MBA program or the one year MBA program. The two year program offers a twenty-seven month program that starts in February and requires an eight weekend campus visit at the end of each term. The one year MBA program is offered to students who already have a business degree and at least two years of related work experience. It is a sixteen week course and requires five weekend campus visits.

There are a lot of great education programs online, many of which do not require any trips to the home campuses. However, as is evident by the material presented, the best online MBA programs require some sort of on-site learning, because it is arguably more responsible to give someone a degree or certificate once determining what he or she has learned and if he or she is ready for the MBA field.