In this day and age, it is said to be a very important part of life for one to find what direction they wish to take their life in early on. Young boys and girls are told that they need to figure out what kind of a job or career it is they want, and if they figure it out early in life, things will go well for them. People are also told at a young age, that they need to go to college. Because if they have a degree, they will earn respect and credentials that they need for success.

Once one finds out which type of job they want, they then need to figure out how they should go about becoming hired at this job. If a young adult thinks that they simply want to work at a fast food restaurant for most of their life, this is easily achievable. However, many jobs in the world of today require strenuous studying and training in college and internships before one can be hired into certain fields.

An associates degree is fairly easy to achieve at a community college, since most community colleges have lowered standards. This is highly recommended for someone seeking higher education, who is also very busy with a job and already have bills to pay at this time in their life. Community colleges are cheap and also offer course credits that can be transferred to a four year school, making them ideal for anyone who wants to save money and doesn’t much care for extras that go along with four year schools.

Bachelors degrees are the next step after associates degrees. These degrees are regarded as the degree that most jobs are looking for. Many jobs will simply disregard an application if it does not show that they received a bachelors degree, simply because there are so many people that have them.

There are many options for achieving a bachelors degree. As mentioned above, one can first go to a community college and transfer to a four year school to get a bachelors degree. Another option for someone who has a full time job and needs a degree is online colleges.

An example of this is the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education or IACBE. The IACBE school is a site that allows students taking courses online to achieve an IACBE accreditation, which gives them an edge in the business world that any bachelors degree holder would get. There are many similar online schools that one can also consider such as AACSB. When weighing IACBE vs AACSB or other online schools, one needs to simply examine what part of each college suits them best and take a look of the pros and cons for each.

One does not need to go into business school though, as many may suggest. Today’s “golden” schools or “money makers” as some call them, are law and business. But the fact is that there are many more important things about jobs and careers that one needs to look at. Yes, we all need some sort of a job to survive, but no one ever said that it had to be high paying. If one wants to improve the overall health of a nation, or even the world with a public health bachelors, or a conservation degree, or even skip the entire college process and figure out what they really want out of life, they should listen to their own voice and ignore the rest.